NKT Kriegers Flak Cable pull in 2017

Kriegers Flak OWF
Kriegers Flak OWF in the shallow area in the Baltic Sea between Denmark, Sweden and Germany.
August 2017 – September 2017

Anders Nymann Mortensen, Director & Partner
anders@ntseas.com, +45 60150840

Contracted to support the Land-fall operation of the HVAC Cables for the Kriegers Flak OWF, NKT/ABB engaged NTSeas by the following Scope of Supply:

  • Fully compliant & Safe Dive operations
  • Full project management with interfaces and bridging into Client system
  • Full coverage 24/7 on Project and HSEQ Management, during the contract/project
  • Full vessel+ work boat(s) coordination and management (DSV)
  • Support and Service as per all manual intervention subsea
  • Detailed logs of all divers maintained by the dive supervisor during operation
  • "As build" tapes from diving CCTV
  • Report based on "as build/ As left" surveys

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