Vattenfall/ Horns Rev 1 OWF Structural inspection by ROV

Vattenfall Horns Rev 1 OWF
25 km NW from Port of Esbjerg
June 2018 - July 2018

Anders Nymann Mortensen, Director & Partner, +45 60150840

Contracted to Execute the Subsea inspection, which is part of the specific requirements for monitoring, maintenance and assessment of state, for the Horn Rev 1 Offshore Wind Farm- situated approximately 20 km of Esbjerg, DK. The Windfarm consist of 80 Vestas V80 WTG´s on Monopile foundations. The perimeter of the Offshore Wind Farm covers 20 square kilometres.

The work was carried out by ROV and shall was carried out in an ordered and logical manner to ensure full inspection of the structure. The ROV survey was conducted from the vessel SeaZip Fix (DP1). For the duration of the survey the vessel where in DP mode, close to the structure(s) to ensure safe station keeping, during ROV operations.

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