VEJA Mate OWF OSS Full Structural inspection (ROV) 2017

Veja Mate OWF
95 km NW from Borkum island in the German Exclusive Economic Zone
June 2017 - July 2017

Anders Nymann Mortensen, Director & Partner, +45 60150840

This summer (2017) NTSeas was contracted to carry out a comprehensive Structural inspection on the Veja Mate OWF Offshore substation.

The OSS, which has been offshore commissioned and “active” for 3 years, was due for it´s 1st integrity inspection.

The Scope of work were set as:

Full Structural Visual Inspection of OSS Jacket from LAT to seabed.

  • Inspection of OSS
  • Marine growth thickness, coverage and species on OSS and Jacket.
  • CPM Readings
  • Inspection of Scour protection 360 degrees inside.
  • Inspection of J-Tube, Bell mouth and Grid cable conditions..
  • Boat landing & brackets.


  • Anode Depletion Survey
  • Inspection of anode conditions and corrosion evaluation.

The scope was carried out with an inspection class ROV mounted with Stab reading equipment, NTSeas marine growth measurement kit and a Blue View sonar.

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