VEJA Mate OWF Reinheit das Meeresbodens Survey(MBES/SSS) 2017

Veja Mate OWF
95 km NW from Borkum island in the German Exclusive Economic Zone
July 2017 – September 2017

Anders Nymann Mortensen, Director & Partner, +45 60150840

In accordance to the German BSH legalisation, der Reinheit des Meeresbodens (Cleanliness of the seabed floor), post the completion of an offshore OWF Construction phase- North Sea Service aps. Was engaged to carry out the full package of Survey, Investigation and later removal of the identified objects.

Utilizing a small and agile Craft, the Maddog MV, in the phase of the project (Survey by MBES/SSS), the Scope of Work was conducted safely and in an effective manner. As the weather was proven quite a challenge this summer, in the North Sea regions- the North Sea Service set-up on Veja Mate OWF also had to stand down for WDT occasionally during the campaign.

With a vast flexibility and a pragmatic approach, the Campaign was though concluded in due time, in order for the next phase (Removal/ Clearance of the SeaBed objects) to start.

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