VEJA Mate OWF SeaBed Dropped Objects Removal and Disposal

Veja Mate OWF
95 km NW from Borkum island in the German Exclusive Economic Zone
July 2017 – September 2017

Anders Nymann Mortensen, Director & Partner, +45 60150840

Post a comprehensive MBES/SSS survey, according to the German BSH standard of Reinheit des Meeresbodens (cleanliness of the seabed floor post construction), 16 targets were declared as necessary to remove from the seabed floor -  post the Construction phase of the offshore Windfarm Veja Mate.

NTSeas was contracted to mobilize a DP2 vessel, with all the capabilities to safely, swiftly, and efficient clear and dispose of these objects and debris.

The handling of the seabed items, was carried out with a Hydraulic Peel-grap, USBL positioning configuration and an inspection class ROV/LARS.

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